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my whole life was a lie.

a song to describe myself

Bruno Mars - The lazy song

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im following anyone that reblogs this.
no, you don’t have to be following me and yes i will really follow you.
doing this as an experiment then deleting this post at the end of summer.
Hoping to be following over 10,000 blogs by the end of august :)

I’ m disappointed if you’re on tumblr but prefer Facebook 

uummm who doesn’t? seriously?
Love na We Heart It.
Cardigan: kimono, top, crochet, fringe, boho, jewels - Wheretoget na We Heart It.
Jewels: necklace, colourful, white dress, statement necklace, pastel, summer outfits, bib necklace, girly, diamonds, pink, purple, blue, beautyful, colorful, detail, studs, gorgeous - Wheretoget na We Heart It.
I’m going on a new adventure na We Heart It.